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  • KniroAndTito3915

    Okay this is kinda hard without an actual computer, but I'm gonna start organising my character pages and stuff and will probably delete some pages. Since this is the Lippies Wiki after all, I'm going to dedicate it everything that's just in Lippies. (Well mainly V.5, I think I have a page for Sonic characters from previous versions). So if you don't see a character here that you might somehow know about, it's not necessarily because I scrapped them, they just don't actually make an appearance in any version of Lippies.

    I'll probably organise them into generations, too.

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  • KniroAndTito3915

    Okay, I'm bored so I'm gonna do this thing I got from Emeraldgreeny.

    Character Image (if available):

    Name: Kniro the Amur Leopard

    Nicknames: Kni, Knirie, stupid mushy things from Jenny, insults

    Age: 20

    Species: Amur Leopard

    Gender: Male

    Height: 4/5 feet

    Weight: Around 100 lbs

    IQ: around 120

    Marital Status: Single

    DOB: Why do I want to say...May 19th

    Birth Place: The island

    Residence: Strider's old house by Tito's place

    Occupation: LONER KFGJLDFJSLKDJFLSKDF DERP just kidding no one really has jobs but they do, I don't really know

    Social Class: Loner

    Economic Class: i don't know, normal, or poor, or...something

    Alignment: Good

    Top Speed: Normal (Can run really fast when scared)

    Basic Stats (added numbers cannot exceed 40)
    Agility - 3
    Speed - 5
    Strength - 8

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